Public Art Projects

Currently on view at Woodward Gallery on Manhattan’s Lower East Side is “The Eyes Have It,” a delightful exhibition showcasing several contemporary artists’ interpretations of eyes, as distinct elements of larger images. Among these artists are many well-known to us street art and graffiti aficionados. The untitled image above was fashioned with enamel on canvas in 2019 by the legendary Bronx-based artist John Matos aka Crash. Several more diverse renderings of eyes follow:

Brooklyn-based Moody Mutz, “Berries and Grapes,” 2015, Acrylic on canvas

Hudson Valley-based Cosbe, “My Madonna Dot Com,” 2020, Mixed media on canvas

Lower East Side-based Chico, “Gene Simmons, Kiss Eyes,” ca. 2012, spray paint on plywood

Philly-based stikman, “133 Eldridge Street stikman,” 2010, Painted wooden cutout adhered to wooden board

The late, legendary Canadian artist Richard Hambleton, “Shadow Head Portrait,” 1997, Acrylic on paperboard and found frame

Daytime view

Nighttime view

This exhibition continues at Woodward Gallery, located at 132A Eldridge Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, through July. You can view the works in the gallery’s street-level windows 24/7 or by appointment by contacting

Photo credits: 1-5 and 8 courtesy Woodward Gallery, 6 & 7 Lois Stavsky


On the weekend of June 15, First Street Green Art Park was home to dozens of legendary artists, first-rate photographers, and graffiti aficionados as they came together to pay tribute to Fun Gallery co-founder Patti Astor, who had passed away in April. The first art gallery in Manhattan’s East Village to feature the works of such noted artists as Futura 2000, Lady Pink, Lee Quinones, Kenny Scharf, Keith Haring, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, Fun Gallery ran out of a small storefront  but had enormous impact.

The mural featured above was painted by 5POINTZ founder and the wonderfully versatile artist Meres One. Several more images captured last week in this event curated by Kate Storch, Jimmy NYC and Crime79 follow:

Lower East Side native and former Keith Haring collaborator Angel Ortiz aka LA2

Veteran writer Dezo, TC5 with Kate Storch on left

The prolific Japanese writer, muralist and designer Shiro One

Uptown-based designer, painter and muralist Al Ruiz

The legendary graffiti pioneer Stash

 Veteran East Harlem-native writer and painter Delta2

NYC-based photographer Matthew A Eller, Segment from larger wall of photos featuring Patti Astor in a range of settings

Photos: Lois Stavsky


The 13th Annual  Bushwick Collective Block Party brought a wonderfully diverse array of local, national and global artists to Brooklyn’s iconic outdoor gallery. The huge, beguiling dog featured above was painted by Denver-based Patrick Kane McGergor against a deftly-executed cityscape crafted by multidisciplinary artist Chris Haven.

In this Part II of At the Bushwick Collective are several more images of artworks that have surfaced this month at the Bushwick Collective, curated by its founder, Joe Ficalora.

Miami-based Nate Dee, “Brooklyn Trogon”

Austin, Texas-based Taiwanese-American artist Candy Kuo at work on mural in collaboration with Wade Indeed

Completed mural by Austin, Texas-based artists Candy Kuo and Wade Indeed

French artist Enzo Yurrebaso, segment of captivating mural

Los Angeles-based Robert Vargas, segment of huge powerful mural at the intersection of Wycoff and Troutman

Connecticut-based Corey Pane, Portrait of wife, Kailah King, and baby daughter

Photos of artworks: Lois Stavsky


Last weekend — as the Bushwick Collective presented its 13th Annual Bushwick Collective Block Party — a wonderful array of local, national and international artists shared their talents and visions with us. The captivating image featured above was painted by the masterly Chilean native artist Claudio Picasso aka CP Won. Several more images that we captured follow:

The delightfully versatile Carson DeYoung aka Deps One

The ever-clever gifted nomadic artist and designer Never Satisfied

The ingenious Peruvian native artist Sef

Sef captured in action

The legendary South Bronx-based Puerto Rican artist Sandro Figueroa aka Sen2

The indefatigable Bushwick Collective founder and curator Joe Ficalora to the left of Queens-based artist madvaillan

Photo credits: 1-4 and 6 Lois Stavsky; 5 & 7  Ana Candelaria


On October 7, 2023, 27-year-old Haifa-based art student and graffiti writer Inbar “Pink” Haiman aka The Pink Raven went down to the Nova Music Festival in southern Israel to serve as a volunteer. While there, she was kidnapped — along with dozens more partygoers — by Hamas terrorists riding motorcycles and armed with knives. On December 16, her family was informed that she was dead and that her body was still in Gaza. Approximately two weeks later, a huge group of artists celebrated her all-too-brief life in a painting session in Tel Aviv.

The image featured above is a portrait of Inbar painted by the hugely talented Dudi Shoval. Several more images that we captured while visiting the site last month follow:

Stylemaster Logikal 

Street artist and painter Tru Amta

Graffiti writer and muralist Hami Art

The distinctly gifted Solomon Souza

Multidisciplinary artist Aviva Charles aka Ladybug Art

Artist, arts educator and tour guide extraordinaire Dina Segev

Unidentified artist

Photo credits: 1, 3, 5, 7, 8 Lois Stavsky; 2 & 6 Sara Ching Mozeson


While there are only a limited number of legal murals in Bratislava, the streets of the Slovakian city teem with unsanctioned tags, graffiti bombs and motley urban interventions. What follows is a small sampling of what we captured on our recent visit to this captivating city:

Cork, Ireland native Fin DAC

One of several stenciled messages

French artist Cart’1, segment of larger mural

Local artists Daor & Dano

One of many several elegantly crafted tags

Poland-born, UK-based TANKPETROL

One of many distinctly stylish graffiti bombs

Photos: Sara Ching Mozeson and Lois Stavsky


Calle Libre, an urban art festival founded in 2014, has since brought dozens of luscious murals to the streets of Vienna, Austria. The brightly hued mural pictured above was painted by the Colombian artist Ledania for Calle Libre Festival 2023. Several more alluring murals painted for Calle Libre that we captured on our recent visit to Vienna follow:

Berlin-based Ju Mu for Calle Libre Festival 2021

Vienna-based Frau Isa for Calle Libre Festival 2023

Uruguayan artist AlfAlfA for Calle Libre Festival 2017

French artist Mantra for Calle Libre Festival 2017

The Weird Crew — comprised of German and Austrian writers — for Calle Libre Festival 2016

Italian artist Luogo Comune, “Entropy”  for Calle Libre Festival 2023

Photos by Lois Stavsky


The streets of Budapest’s seventh district teem with a huge range of urban art. The brightly-hued image featured above — painted by the Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel — is a tribute to the Spanish diplomat Ángel Sanz-Briz, who saved the lives of thousands of  Hungarian Jews during the Second World War. Several more images of public artworks we captured in Budapest follow:

Neopaint‘s rendition of the Rubik Cube, invented by Hungarian native Ernő Rubik

Mosaic mural titled “Hesztia” created by Budapest-based artist Hegedűs Márton

A recreation by Szine Varos of the 50-year-old classic LGT Bummm! album cover originally designed by the highly acclaimed Budapest artist Kemény György

Hungarian artist and ALL CAPS COLLECTIVE member Gergely Void

  Budapest-based Balogh Attila for Tereza, a Mexican restaurant in Budapest’s  sixth district

One of many charming wheatpastes by the nomadic qWeRT

Photos by Lois Stavsky and Sara C. Mozeson


While visiting Brussels last month, we discovered a treasure trove murals by 20 different artists, all members of the  Propaganza collective. Commissioned by the municipality of Ixelles, the murals — collectively known as the Boondael Project — add flair and intrigue to the long wall behind the STIB tram depot in Ixelles.

The calligraphic mural pictured above painted by the masterful Brussels-based artist Solo Cink, who discovered the art of calligraphy in his travels. Several more artworks from this striking 2020 public art project follow:

Antwerp-based classically-trained artist Dzia

Brussels-based visual artist Dake 25

Belgium-based multidisciplinary artist Matthew Dawn

Brussels-based artists Samuel Idmtal & Orlando Kintero, portrait of Pierre Rabhi, French writer, farmer, and environmentalist

Belgium-based contemporary artist Defo

The largely elusive, beguiling Belgium-based artist million.16cts

Photos: Lois Stavsky


Back in 2019, Amsterdam Street Art organized a street art festival, If Walls Could Speak, that produced ten captivating murals painted on a row of large apartment buildings in Platanenweg in East Amsterdam. We had the opportunity to visit these hugely impressive murals while in Amsterdam earlier this month. The alluring image featured above  — representing Amsterdam’s free spirit — was fashioned by Netherlands-based Niels van Swaemen and Kaspar van Leek, known collaboratively as  Studio Giftig. Several more murals painted during this groundbreaking street art festival follow:

German artist Case Maclaim

Australian artist Smug One

UK-based Dan Kitchener

  Netherlands-based Sjem Bakkus & IVES One 

Netherlands-based Leon Keer

German artist HERA of Herakut

Photo credits: 1 Sara C Mozeson, 2-7 Lois Stavsky