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Five members of the blazingly brilliant Weird Crew have made their way to NYC.  And to our delight, they’ve just completed an ingenious mural on Johnson Avenue and are busily preparing for an exhibit to open tomorrow evening at Exit Room. We had the opportunity to meet them yesterday.

Just what exactly is the Weird Crew?

It’s a collective of ten artists spread throughout Germany and Austria.


How and when did you all meet? And what brought you together?

We met back in 2011 at a festival in Vienna. Some of us knew each other from before, but 2011 is when the crew was founded. We’ve all painted live, participated in festivals and exhibits and have engaged in projects with international companies. Two of us — Cone and Vidam — are also professional DJs and music producers.


You all have distinct styles, and yet you work so seamlessly together.  It is quite amazing!

Yes, although our styles are different, we share a similar aesthetic sensibility. And we stay in touch and exchange ideas with each other regularly.


What inspired the particular mural that you just completed painting in Bushwick?

Soon after we arrived in Bushwick, we took a bike ride into Manhattan. We were struck by those folks who often go unnoticed — the workers who keep this city going, who are also the “invisible New Yorkers.” Our mural is a homage to them.


And what do you guys think of New York City?

We love it. We love its energy and diversity — its wonderful mix of cultures.

Cone-weird-art-Exit-Room NYC

What can we expect to see at Weird World  — your soon-to-open exhibit at Exit Room?

Something weird!


Note: Weird World featuring works by Weird Crew members CONE, DXTR, HRVB, LOOK and VIDAM opens tomorrow evening, Friday, at 6pm at Exit Room. Curated by Zoe Beatwoman, the opening will continue until late with DJ Angel Russell aka Sloane Sophisticate and live musical performances by Perla Cozzone, Starr Busby and Jadon Woodard. The works will remain on exhibit through September 10.

Images: 1. Close-up from completed outdoor mural; 2. Look the Weird at work; 3. Cone the Weird at work; 4. Dxtr the Weird at work; 5. Segment from completed mural and 6. Cone the Weird in Exit Room NY, close-up

Photo credits: 1, 5 & 6 Lois Stavsky; 2-4 Tara Murray

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The Studio Street Home duo — Colombian native Yeimi Salazar and Puerto Rican native Melvin Sanchez — began collaborating six years ago, soon after they met in NYC. Their first solo exhibit will open tomorrow and Saturday at Exit Room NY during Bushwick Open Studios. While visiting Exit Room last week, we had the opportunity to speak to its art director Daniela Zoe.

It’s great to see Exit Room NY so alive again! What a wonderful home for Studio Sweet Home‘s first solo exhibit!

Yes! To coincide with Bushwick Open Studios, I wanted to feature artists with a unique multidisciplinary approach. And I’m delighted to host Studio Sweet Home here at Exit Room NY, as Juguetería/Toys Warehouse is a great opportunity for the artists, our space and the public.



Can you tell us something about this upcoming show? What will Juguetería/Toys Warehouse feature?

There will be paintings, installations, sculptures, video projects, and performances. There will be something for everyone – as Juguetería/Toys Warehouse is not just an art exhibit, but an interactive experience.  A participatory performance will be held at 7pm on both opening days.


Have you worked with Studio Sweet Home artists Yeimi Salazar and Melvin Sanchez in the past?

Yes, they have participated in group shows before here at Exit Room NY.


What was it about Yeimi Salazar and Melvin Sanchez that initially drew you to them?

Their mastery of their craft, their talents and their versatility.  And I love the way their works attract participants.


What do you expect those who visit the show to take away from it?

The constructed objects and scenarios are certain to engage the viewer’s senses. There will be so much to see, stories to hear and objects and people to touch. And there are many subtle, suggestive, somewhat ironic, messages.


What’s ahead for Exit Room NY?

We are expecting a visit from a legendary street art crew in August. We will keep you posted!

It sounds great! Good luck! We are looking forward to it all!

Note: The exhibit’s opening will take place tomorrow and Saturday, the first two days of Bushwick Open Studios. The exhibit will then continue until June 26. Gallery hours are Wednesday to Friday from 5:30pm to 8:30pm.  EXIT Room is located on 270 Meserole Street, a short walk from the Montrose stop on the L train.

Interview conducted by City-As-School intern Diana Davidova. All photos courtesy Studio Sweet Home and Exit Room NY.


The walls along Meserole and Waterbury in Bushwick and on and near Borinquen Place in Williamsburg have become canvases for an extraordinary array of magical murals. They are among the highlights of the Juicy Brooklyn Art Festival launched by Exit Room. Here’s a sampling:

Spain-based Muro and Txemy


Chilean artist Dasic Fernández


Mexican artist Werc


Bogota-based Stinkfish


Argentinian artist Ever at work with Zio Ziegler


Close-up from huge collaborative mural by Puerto Rican artists Rimx, SON and Ricardo Cabret

"Rimx, Son and Ricardo Cabret"

Mexican artist Marka27, close-up


The Juicy Brooklyn Art Festival begins today, Thursday June 5, at 270 Meserole Street in Bushwick and continues through Saturday. Keep posted to our Facebook page for images of more magical murals that are surfacing along Meserole and Waterbury.

All photos by Dani Reyes Mozeson — except for Stinkfish by Lois Stavsky



Barcelona-based Txemy creates innovative, colorful images composed with lively lines and strokes.  Muro is best-known for his fanciful characters — in a variety of uncanny situations — that make their way onto city walls. The current exhibit — “Universal Weapons” at Exit Room NY — features a range of intriguing work from both Spanish artists, including some beguiling collaborations. Here’s a sampling:

 Txemy and Muro, Untitled, Mixed media on paper


Txemy, Tiro al Aire, Spray paint on paper


Muro, Alphabet “H,” Mixed media on paper


Txemy and Muro, Untitled, Mixed media on paper

"Txemy and Muro"

 Txemy, Weapons, Spraypaint on paper


Final photo by Rachel Fawn Alban; all others by Lois Stavsky; image on Exit Room door by Icy & Sot.