Mr. Prvrt

A public art and mural festival, founded and run by the Jackson Young Professionals, Bright Walls is transforming Downtown Jackson, Michigan into a vibrant, alluring outdoor museum. The captivating mural pictured above — featuring the wonderfully generous Jackson resident Wanda Beavers aka “Mama Tu-Tu” — was painted by Australian artist and designer Claire Foxton. What follows are several more artworks captured earlier this month by travel and street photographer Karin du Maire aka Street Art Nomad:

Brooklyn-based Brazilian artist Arlin

Texas-based muralist Emily Ding

Detroit-based Louise Jones aka Ouizi

Rochester, NY-based Justin Suarez aka Mr. Prvrt and Sarah C. Rutherford aka Ms Shaftway, “Keepers of the Light”

Australian illustrator and muralist George Rose

New York-based Key Detail

Photos by Karin du Maire aka Street Art Nomad

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Passionately engaged in promoting the positive values of the cultures of street art, graffiti and hip-hop, the Staten Island-based NYC Arts Cypher is a dynamic ever-evolving venture. For the past few months a host of  local, national and international artists have been busily at work preparing for Cypher Fest, NYC Arts Cypher‘s first Annual Street Art Festival. While visiting I had the opportunity to speak to its founder and president, Charlie Balducci aka Charlie B.

When was NYC Arts Cypher born?

It was founded in 2004, and it became an official 501c3 nonprofit organization in 2007.

What spurred you to create it?

It was a way for me to stay involved in all aspects of the arts and entertainment and –- at the same time — engage the community.  The realization of it was a dream come true. Of the five boroughs, ours had been the least recognized.

L7-matrix-street-art-staten-island-new york

How would you describe its mission?

Its mission is to promote positive values through programs and events related to urban art. NYC Arts Cypher also serves as a networking tool for artists in all five boroughs. And with its open-door policy, it introduces many of our local kids to a range of skills from painting and dancing to acting and producing videos.

What are some of the concerns that  NYC Arts Cypher has addressed?

When Amanda Cummings, a local teen, threw herself in front of a bus in 2013, we took on the issue of bullying.  And, tragically, the issue of bullying was in the news once again when 13-year-old Staten Island resident Danny Fitzpatrick took his life leaving behind a note that expressed his pain as a victim of bullying. Among other issues we address are: vandalism, drug abuse and conflict-resolution.



Does any particular highlight stand out?

In 2010, we were awarded “best documentary short” at the Staten Island Film Festival for our documentary, M.U.R.A.L

Can you tell us something about it?

Yes. It presents graffiti as an art form – rather than an act of vandalism. It features interviews with a range of people from the youth who are active in our programs to law enforcement officials to such accomplished artists as the members of Tats Cru and Meres of 5Pointz fame.

What are some of the challenges you encounter in overseeing such a multi-faceted space?

Working on sustaining it is the principal challenge, as we continue to expand and offer more programs and networking opportunities.


It seems like a monumental task! How do you do it?

We have support from sponsors like SIBOR, Wheel Concepts and Williams Eye Works. But nothing beats the heart of a volunteer — like Cynthia Valle and Tony Spinelli.

What’s ahead for NYC Arts Cypher?

We are utilizing all our resources to beautify not only our block, but — also — neighboring blocks, as artists from across the globe are now painting alongside local artists. We will continue to engage schools in a range of programs promoting positive values –particularly the Don’t Be a Bully initiative that combats bullying with creativity and Pillz Killz that tackles head on the epidemic of drug abuse plaguing our community. We will also be hosting  a pop-up shop and café. And next Sunday, September 10th we will be presenting Cypher Fest, our first Annual Art Festival.



1  Mr. Prvrt & A Visual Bliss with Jorit Agoch at work on the right

2  L7 Matrix

3 & 4 Sipros

5  La Femme Cheri

Photo credits: 1, 2, 4 & 5 Lois Stavsky; 3 Tara Murray; interview with Charlie B conducted and edited by Lois Stavsky

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Founded and curated by SinXero, the TAG Public Arts Project — a A 501(c)3 Not for Profit in NY State — continues to bring a wonderfully diverse range of public artworks to the South Central section of the Bronx. Pictured above is a mural recently painted by Baltimore-based artist Nether 410. Here are a few others — fashioned by local, national and international artists — that I came upon this past Friday while exploring the streets on and off Westchester Avenue along the 6 line.

Brooklyn-based Australian artist Damien Mitchell, close-up 


Hong Kong-based Italian artist Barlo, close-up


The legendary NYC-based Daze


With Brazilian artists TOZ & BR from the Flesh Beck Crew to his left, close-up


 NYC-based Sole Rebel


NYC-based Puerto Rican artist Ralph Serrano

serrano-mural-art-bronx -nyc

Rochester-based Mr. Prvrt and NYC-based A Visual Bliss, close-up


 Photo credits: 1 Courtesy SinXero; 2-8 Lois Stavsky


This is the tenth in a series of occasional posts featuring the art that has surfaced on NYC shutters:

Brazilian artist Izolag in the South Bronx


BK Foxx on Manhattan’s Lower East Side

BK Foxx-street-art-NYC

Ezo in Bushwick, Brooklyn


Wane in Long Island City


Mr Prvrt and A Visual Bliss in Bushwick


Photo credits: 1 & 3 Lois Stavsky; 2 Courtesy of Woodward Gallery4 & 5 Tara Murray

Note:  Hailed in a range of media from the Huffington Post to the New York Times, our Street Art NYC App is now available for Android devices here.

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Committed to healing and transforming communities by beautifying the urban landscape, Wall\Therapy has brought dozens of magical murals to Rochester, New York. Here are a few we discovered on our brief stopover last week:

Montreal-based Omen


Italian artist Peeta


West Coast-based Troy Lovegates aka Other


Tel Aviv-based Know Hope


Rochester’s own Mr Prvrt


West Coast-based Sam Rodriguez


Brazilian artist Binho


And kicking off this Friday, July 17, is WALL\THERAPY 2015 featuring an extraordinary array of artists including NYC-based Li-Hill, Vexta and Daze. 

Photos: 1,2, 4-6 Lois Stavsky; 3 & 7  Sara C Mozeson



With its extraordinary array of wonderful artworks crossing styles, genres and cultures, Rochester’s abandoned subway tunnel is a graffiti hunter’s dream. Here’s a small sampling of what we saw last weekend, while making a few stops in Upstate New York:

Mr. Prvrt and Bile FFL


Brazilian artist Eder Muniz




Bile FFL


FUA Krew


Chris Pape aka Freedom and Taro AAK


Special thanks to Fresh Paint NYC for introducing us to this space.

Photos: 1 with segment of Roa piece, 3 & 4 Sara C Mozeson; 2, 5 – 7 Lois Stavsky

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The Centrefuge Public Art Project made its way to Staten Island this past spring, bringing color and intrigue to Wave Street off Bay, a short walk from the ferry. Among the works are these:

Mr. Prvrt and Col Wallnuts




Danielle Mastrion


Denton Burrows


ChrisRWK and Kwue Molly

Chris-RWK-and- Kwue-Molly

And great news — especially for us Manhattanites — is that the Centrefuge Public Art Project‘s 17th cycle of murals is currently underway on the trailer at First Street and First Avenue.

First photo is of image by Erin Kelli

Photos: 1, 3-6 Lois Stavsky; 2 Tara Murray

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This is the fourth in a series of occasional posts featuring the range of creatures that share our streets with us.

Rotterdam-based Eelco ‘Virus’ Van den Berg at the Bushwick Collective


Miami-based Ramon Brito aka garabatoarte in Bushwick

"Ramon Brito"

Brazilian artist Eder Muniz in Bushwick

"Eder Muniz"

Rochester-based Mr. Prvrt in Bushwick

"Mr. Prvrt"

Australian artist Mike Makatron in Williamsburg

"Mike Makatron"

Dan Witz at the Bushwick Collective

"Dan Witz"

Never at Welling Court in Astoria, Queens


Photo credits: 1, 4-6 by Dani Reyes Mozeson; 2, 3 & 7 by Lois Stavsky


"Centre-fuge Public Art Project"

The Centre-fuge Public Art Project has transformed the Department of Transportation trailer on First Street and First Avenue into a vibrant rotating open-air gallery. Here are a few more images from Cycle 15 completed last week:

Marthalicia Matarrita at work

"Marthalicia Matarrita"

Dasic at work


And completed


Mr. Prvrt

"Mr. Prvrt"



And here with Sean Gallagher and Miss Zukie


Coordinated by Pebbles Russell and Jonathan Neville, the Centre-Fuge Public Art Project was conceived in 2011 in memory of their friend, Mike Hamm.

Photos by Dani Reyes Mozeson



It’s been busy at the Bushwick Collective with new murals surfacing by local, regional and international artists. Here’s a small sampling of what’s been going down:

Mr. Prvrt — pictured above — with his new mural, and as seen, below, in Sunday’s sun

Mr. Prvrt

Bishop 203 to the left of Danielle Mastrion’s long-running Biggie mural


Thievin’ Stephen — at work on Jefferson off Saint Nicholas


And  tomorrow — Wednesday evening — at 5pm, Tyson, a dear friend of the Bushwick Collective, is opening his doors to his new restaurant, Arrogant Swine, at 173 Morgan Avenue.


Bushwick Collective founder and curator Joe Ficalora invites the Bushwick Collective fam to head over there. Expect to dine and wine with DJ’s, fire breathers, free tattoos and more surprises, along with a newly completed mural by Sexer.

Final image by Vers; all photos by Dani Reyes Mozeson