Robert Aloia

Curated by Robert Aloia, along with VNA Magazine, Beau, Todd Masters, NY St. Gallery and Suzuki Capital LLC, 21st Precinct opens this evening at the former space of the 21st Precinct at 327 East 22nd Street. Reminiscent of this past winter’s Surplus Candy – although on a much larger scale – dozens of artists have transformed five stories into an expressive, inventive canvas charged with unfettered energy. What follows is a small sampling of close-ups from larger installations:

Esteban Del Valle

:Estevan Del Valle

Sheryo and the Yok

"sheryo and the yok"

N. Carlos Jay

"N Carlos Jay"



Chris Soria

"Chris Soria"



Ghost, GIZ and Duel with a message

"Ghost, Giz and Duel"



Lorenzo Masnah, APC


Presented by Outlaw Arts, Savior Elmundo and Pesu, the exhibit opens this evening at 6pm. It will be open again tomorrow from 1-6pm and next Saturday and Sunday 1-6pm.

exhibit--outlaw -arts

Photo of Nepo by Lois Stavsky; all others by Sara C. Mozeson

Note: Keep posted to the StreetArtNYC Facebook page for more images from this landmark exhibit.

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Piece, a wonderfully eclectic exhibit featuring a range of artworks from sketches to completed pieces, remains on exhibit at Spreadhouse through March 28 at 116 Suffolk Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. While most of the artists are familiar to us street art aficionados, some simply have a distinctly urban or outsider sensibility. Curious as to what was going on here, I posed some questions to Robert Aloia who spearheaded the show.

This is a great venue here. Can you tell us something about it?

It is an all-around creative space launched by the film production company, Spreadhouse, aka shny.

"Matthew Denton Burrows"

How did you discover it? It’s the perfect space to showcase art and its location is ideal.

My friend, the artist Peter Passuntino, had an exhibit here last month, curated by his son Greg. It was the first art show at shny and it introduced me to this space.

"icy and sot"

What is the concept behind Piece?

This exhibit is my way to showcase this space at Spreadhouse and to give viewers a glimpse into the creative process – from inspiration to finished product. Many of the pieces were created right here!

"Leah Weber"

Among the dozens of artists featured here are many who are active on the streets and others who are new to me. How did you hook up with so many talented folks?

Friends and friends of friends and assistant curators.

"Leo Uzai"

What’s ahead?

We’re at work on a number of wide-ranging exhibits. But you can expect to see some street art elements in all of them.

That sounds great. Good luck!

Images: 1. Cern  2. Matthew Denton Burrows  3. Icy and Sot  4. Leah Weber and 5. Leo Uzai

Photos of images by Lois Stavsky