In Williamsburg: Tristan Eaton, How&Nosm, R. Robot, Smells and Hef & Rez

February 14, 2012

Although Bushwick has evolved into Brooklyn’s largest free open-air gallery, Williamsburg remains home to a range of both sanctioned and unsanctioned street art and graffiti in an array of media and styles. Here’s a sampling of what we came upon yesterday:

Tristan Eaton, close-up

How&Nosm, close-up

"How & Nosm street art in Brooklyn"

Nicholas Kuszyk aka R. Robot

"R. Robot street art in Brooklyn"


"Smells graffiti tag in Williamsburg, Brooklyn"

Hef & Rez

"Heff & Rez Williamsburg graffiti"

Photos by Street Art NYC


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