13 Portals Project

A range of curious characters have found a home on the streets of NYC. This is the second of our occasional series:

Buff Monster in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Buff Monster

Nathan Mellott in the East Village

Nathan Mellott

Nepo in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Nepo in Bushwick

Craig Anthony Miller aka CAM in Williamsburg, Brooklyn


KingBee in the East Village


One of the 13 Portals in the East Village

13 Portals Project

 Photos of Buff Monster and Nepo by Tara Murray; of Nathan Mellott and KingBee by Daniel Reyes Mozeson; of Craig Anthony Miller and Portal by Lois Stavsky


This is the third in a series featuring images of New York City’s doors that sport everything from tags and stickers to sophisticated images.

Judith Supine in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Judith Supine

ASVP in NoLita


Bishop in Nolita


Craig Anthony Miller aka CAM in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Craig Anthony Miller

The Yok in Williamsburg

The Yok

One of 13 Portals on the Lower East Side

one of the 13 portals

Gaia in Long Island City, Queens


Jordan Betten in Chelsea

Jordan Betten

Photos of Judith Supine and 13 Portals by Dani Mozeson; ASVP, Bishop and the Yok by Tara Murray; CAM by Lois Stavsky