Showcasing an eclectic range of artworks by 60 emerging and established urban artists, the third 60 Collective Art Exhibition is a cause for celebration. Established back in 2013 by Frankie Velez and Craig Anthony Miller, the 60 Collective continues its tradition of supporting the arts and public education, as a percentage of proceeds from its sales will be donated to the local Dock Street Middle School’s art and after-school enrichment programs. For this third installment, the curators have teamed up with Executive Producer Josiane Lysius in presenting to the public a first-rate representation of contemporary urban culture.

The image featured above, “Back in the Days,” was fashioned on canvas by the always-passionate and prolific Will Power. Several more images of artworks on exhibit follow:

Bronx-based world’s first ‘Hip-Hop Comic Book’ creator and sole Keith Haring subway drawing collaborator Eric Orr, Untitled, 2019, Mixed media on wood

Japanese multimedia artist and nurse Shiro, “Heart Beat,” 2022, Spraypaint, acrylic and marker

Multimedia artist and arts educator Alice Mizrachi, “A Dream Realized,” 2022, Mixed media collage on wood

Dumbo-based artist and 60 Collective co-curator Craig Anthony Miller aka CAM, “The Pursuit of Nectar,” 2022, Mixed media on wood panel with resin

NYC-based multimedia artist LeCrue Eyebrows, “And on,” 2022. Acrylic on canvas

The prolific Staten Island-based artist Chris RWK, “Once, twice, three times forever,” 2022, Mixed media on canvas

And taking place tomorrow, Sunday, May 29, between 4-6pm at the exhibition space on 30 Washington Street is a 60 Collective curators’ talk featuring Craig Anthony Miller aka CAM and Frankie Velez.

Other future events include:

Artist Talk: Cey Adams and Eric Adams, Thursday, June 2, 6-8pm

A Poetry Tribute to the 60 Collective: Curated by Tai Allen, June 7, 6-10pm

Grand Closing Reception: Friday, June 10, 6-10pm

Photos of images 1-7: Lois Stavsky


Launched by Street Theory — a creative agency founded by Victor “MARKA27” Quinonez and Liza Quinonez in 2020 as a response to police brutality —  Murals for the Movement is intent on rebuilding communities with “uplifting large-scale murals and public art by Black artists and artists of color.”

Under the curatorial direction of Street Theory, several large, inspiring public artworks by Marka27, Cey Adams and Sophia Dawson recently surfaced in DUMBO, Brooklyn. The image featured above is one segment of a huge, boldly colored neoindigenous mural celebrating “the African Diaspora and contemporary Afro Futurism” painted by the multidisciplinary international artist MARKA27.

A close-up from another segment of Marka27‘s huge mural, “Back to the Essence,” 195 Gold St

NYC’s legendary Cey Adams brings a message of LOVE to Prospect + Adams St. with two murals

And directly facing it–

Brooklyn-based, socially conscious visual artist Sophia Dawson“Standing in the Gap,” Front St. between Pearl St. & Adams St.


This project was funded by Downtown Brooklyn Partnership and DUMBO Improvement District utilizing NYCDOT property. The murals will remain on display through spring, 2022.

Photos: Lois Stavsky

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"Tom Fruin"

Particularly impressive about this year’s DUMBO Arts Festival was not only the extraordinary array of art just about everywhere, but the wide extent of community engagement and expression in public space. Here’s a small sampling:

"The World We Want"

"Dumbo Arts Festival"

Leaving a brief personal statement

"DUMBO Arts Festival"

 And reading those left by others

"Dumbo Arts Festival"

Creating artwork with others

"Dumbo Arts Festival"

Or alone

"Dumbo Arts Festival"

Signing a Giant Get-Well Card for Humanity

"Dumbo Arts Festival"

Or just leaving your mark


Sponsored by Two Trees Management Company, this year’s DUMBO Arts Festival serves as a model of community engagement with art in public space.

First image is of art installation, Reflection/Kolonihavehus, forged by Tom Fruin from recycled materials.  

All photos by Dani Reyes Mozeson.



Both on the streets and in their studios, Marka27, Don Rimx & Ian Kuali`i fashion extraordinarily rich tantalizing images. An intriguing selection of their largely character-driven mixed-media paintings, prints and more were presented by M27 Designs in the remarkable one-night pop-up exhibit TR3SPASS at the Dumbo Spot this past Friday evening. Here’s a small sampling:

Victor “Marka27” Quiñonez



Ian Kuali`i

Ian Kuali`i


David “Don Rimx” Sepulveda


"Don Rimx"

Photos of artwork by Sara C. Mozeson and Lois Stavsky



Whether seen on gritty city streets or in formal gallery settings, DAIN’s masterfully conceived artworks always intrigue. And those in his upcoming exhibit at Dumbo’s Folioleaf are among his most dazzling to date. While previewing a few of his new collaged portraits at the Folioleaf gallery space at 111 Front Street, we had the chance to ask him a few questions:

What is it about these particular women’s faces that you find so alluring?

I’m drawn to their eyes. The way they stare at us. And like the women in the old Hollywood movies that I love, these women are naturally beautiful.


We are wondering why so many of these women’s faces are attached to men’s bodies. What is the significance of this? Is there a message here?

There is beauty beyond the physical. Everything doesn’t have to hang out. Women need to leave something to the imagination.


This is quite an impressive body of work. Your distinct aesthetic continues to evolve. Have you any thoughts on this?

I hope it’s getting better. I actually think this is my best work so far.  I’m just starting to scratch the surface.


How long did it take you to prepare for this exhibit?

I began working on it in my head many months ago. The final pieces came together in the last few weeks.


 Are you satisfied with the results?

So far, yes! If I am not satisfied with a piece, you will not see it in this show.

The public opening of DAIN’s new work will take place tomorrow, Thursday, April 3, 6-9pm, at Folioleaf, 111 Front Street, #226,  in Dumbo. The exhibit continues through Saturday, May 17.

Questions for DAIN by City-as-School intern Anna Louka; photos of DAIN’s works by Lois Stavsky and City-as-School intern Dea Sumrall.


Shepard Fairey

It’s been busy in DUMBO, Brooklyn. For the past week, some of our favorite artists have been gracing its walls with stylishly striking artwork, transforming its landscape into a stunning open-air gallery.

Shepard Fairey at work

Shepard Fairey

Faith47, close-up from completed mural

Faith 47

Another Faith47 close-up

Faith 47

DALeast, close-up from completed mural


Another close-up from DalEast’s mural


Eltono at work


Another close-up from Eltono mural in progress


MOMO, close-up 


Another close-up from MOMO mural in progress


These murals are among eight to grace a four-block stretch along the BQE. We will continue documenting DUMBO Walls on our Facebook page.

Photos by Dani Mozeson