Jamie Martinez.


Until April 23 it is still possible to see Jamie Martinez’s distinctly wonderful art at Gallerie Protégé.  Fashioned meticulously and inventively from triangles, Jamie’s works on display range from exquisite oil paintings to tantalizing abstract designs. Here is a sampling of the works from the exhibit, Hunt for Inspiration, curated by Oscar A. Laluyan:

Leopardo, 552 individual oil paintings on wood


El Lobo, oil on canvas


Abstract 15, digital c-print


Particularly exciting news for us street art aficionados is that several of Jamie Martinez‘s abstract works will be blown up between 6-9 feet for an upcoming public art project, Off the Grid: Innovations in Contemporary Abstraction.  The works will remain on exhibit for a minimum of six months at the site of the West Village Triangle Park at 7th Avenue and 12th Street.

Note:  Gallerie Protégé is located on the lower level of Chelsea Frames at 197 9th Avenue


Photo credits: 1, 2, and 5 Dani Reyes Mozeson; 3 Lois Stavsky; 4 courtesy of the artist; the first image pictured is Mountain Cat, oil on canvas; the final image is Medusa, 414 individual oil paintings on wood.



Featuring a diverse range of artists – many active in the streets – the Future Is Now continues through the 20th at 60 Orchard Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. While visiting the exhibit soon after it had opened, I had the chance to speak to Kimyon Huggins, who along with Kennedy Yanko, curated it.

Joseph-conrad-ferm-art-60-Orchard Street


This show is wildly eclectic – featuring a broad range of visions and styles. Can you tell us something about this exhibit’s title? Its mission? What does it all mean?

The Future Is Now references a new form of Dadaism, where artworks of varied styles from artists of different backgrounds come together in a cohesive fashion.

Jamie-Martinez- aka-Triangulism

Is there any common theme to these dozens of artworks?

It’s all an ode to the 80’s – to punk rock and its DIY sensibility.


How did you choose these particular artists? There is quite a range here, with many active on the streets.

They are all people that Kennedy Yanko and I know – urban artists whose artworks represent the theme of the exhibit.


And what about this space, 60 Orchard?

It couldn’t be more perfect. A space like this on the Lower East Side is where “the future is now.”


The Future Is Now remains on view through January 20 at 60 Orchard Street between Hester and Grand on the Lower East Side.


1. Francisco de Paja aka Art is Trash

2. Joseph Conrad-Ferm

3. Ross Brodar

4. Jamie Martinez

5. Iena Cruz

6. Kimyon Huggins

7. NDA

Photos 1, 4 and 5 by Tara Murray; 2, 3, 6 & 7 by Lois Stavsky