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Twin brothers Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo aka OSGEMEOS returned this fall to Lehmann Maupin with their magic.  Portal, their second exhibition at the Chelsea gallery, draws us into a fantastical dreamworld at a time when we most need to escape the “real” one we have been living in. The wonderfully gifted artists’ fanciful characters — fashioned in their iconic bright yellow tones in a range of uncanny settings — delight and intrigue. The image featured above, Mix Master Coconut, is is one of 13 new mixed media artworks that — according to the artists — “are like PORTALS or windows into a new dimension.”

Several more images captured on my visit to PORTALS follow:

The Pretty Island, 2019, Mixed media and sequins on MDF board (medium-density fiberboard)

The Composer, 2019, Mixed media on MDF board

All Connected, 2020, Mixed media on MDF board

Taking the Dog for a Walk, 2019, Mixed media on MDF board

Liquid Room, 2019, Mixed media on MDF board

The gallery is located at 501 W 24th Street and is open Tuesday – Saturday, 10 AM – 6 PM.

Photos of images by Lois Stavsky



This is the eighth in an occasional series featuring images of males who surface on NYC public spaces:

JR in Soho


Sipros in Midtown Manhattan with the Bushwick Collective


Os Gemeos on the Lower East Side


Werc and Gera Luz in LIC with the Welling Court Mural Project


Rob Plater in Bushwick with JMZ Walls


Crash and Solus with the Lisa Project in Noho

solus-crash -street-art-nyc

The first image features Swoon in Red Hook

Photo credits: 1, 5-7 Tara Murray; 2-4 Lois Stavsky

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The following post is by Houda Lazrak, a contributor to StreetArtNYC and an M.A. candidate in Museum Studies at NYU.

Pixel-Pancho-and Vhils-close-up-street-art-Lisbon

Founded in 2010, Underdogs is a Lisbon-based gallery and cultural platform that offers unprecedented visibility to public art in Portugal’s capital city. Here are a few images I captured while on the tour offered by Underdogs, an integral part of its public art program:

Portuguese artist Vhils and Italian artist Pixel Pancho   


Brazilian twins Os Gemeos; Italian artist Blu on detail on right


Polish artist Sainer of the Etam Cru

Sainer -street-art-Lisbon

Brazilian artist Nunca


West Coast-based Cyrclesegment of larger mural


NYC-based European artists How & Nosm, large segment of huge mural


All photos by Houda Lazrak

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This is the ninth in a series of posts featuring images of girls — and women — who grace New York City’s public spaces:

Alice Mizrachi aka AM in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Alice Mizrachi

Cake in Bushwick, Brooklyn


Hef’s hastily-buffed piece in East New York


Toofly at the Bushwick Collective


Os Gemeos in Coney Island — since 2005


Noh J Coley at the Woodward Gallery Project Space on the Lower East Side


 Swoon in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn garden


Photos by Tara Murray and Lois Stavsky


For the past several years, the huge wall on Manhattan’s Bowery and Houston Street has served as a canvas for some of the globe’s most expressive street art.  Featuring the work of a diverse range of artists from the hugely talented Brazilian twins Os Gemeos to Brooklyn’s famed Faile duo, it entices and engages passersby daily. Here are a few highlights of the past two years:

Os Gemeos installation: summer, 2009:

Os Gemeos street art on the Bowery in New York

Shepard Fairey aka Obey installation, spring 2010:

Shepard Fairey street art on the Bowery in New York

Barry McGee aka Twist. mural, fall 2010:
 Barry McGee street art on the Bowery in New York
Faile, current mural, installed fall, 2011:

Faile street art mural on Bowery in New York

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