Dorian Grey Gallery

On view through August 9 at Dorian Grey Gallery in Manhattan’s East Village is an eclectic array of stencil-based compositions spanning 35 years. Among the 25 artists featured in the exhibit are several whose works are also presently on the streets of NYC. Here is a sampling of these artists’ pieces at Dorian Grey.

Lady Aiko, Drip Skull


Icy & Sot, Starlight


 Blek le Rat, The Violinist


Chris Stain, Bukowski


Joe Iurato, Cosmic Kid


Nick Walker,  I love New York

nick-walker-I love-New-York

Solus, Dream Big


Located at 437 East 9th Street off Ave A, Dorian Grey Gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday 12pm-7pm and Sunday until 6pm.

Photos: 1 Tara Murray 2-7 Dani Reyes Mozeson


"Keith Haring"

Dorian Grey‘s current exhibit, East Village Alchemy, takes us on a magical foray through the East Village’s 1980’s street art scene presenting a range of artworks by four of its key practitioners. Here’s a sampling:

Keith Haring subway drawing, early 80’s

"Keith Haring"

Paolo Buggiani, Performance Art, Unsuccessful Attack to the World Trade Center, 1983

"Paola Buggiani"

 Ken Hiratsuka, whose intricately-carved artworks have been part of our city’s visual landscape since the early 80’s


Scot Borofsky, whose symbol-based graphics graced the walls of the East Village in the 80’s


"Scot Borofsky"

The Dorian Grey Gallery is located at 437 East 9th Street at Avenue A in Manhattan’s East Village..

Photos of artworks 2-6 on exhibit by Dani Reyes Mozeson



Currently on view at Dorian Grey Gallery in the East Village is Strada Veloce, an intriguing exhibit largely fusing the divergent — seemingly contradictory — cultures of luxury autos and expressive graffiti. Here are a few more works (Cope2 pictured above):

John “Crash” Matos

"John Matos aka Crash"

Luxury car customizer and furniture designer Joe MAC Lapadula of Martino Auto Concepts


Nick Walker‘s iconic vandal 


 A luxurious sofa featuring graffiti by Meres One

"Meres One"

And — in the window — a reproduction of a Ferrari painted by the legendary John “Crash” Matos


This exhibit continues through next Sunday at 437 East 9th Street between 1st Ave and Ave A.  The gallery is open today — Sunday — from 12pm-6pm and Tuesday through Saturday from 12pm-7pm.

Photos 1, 2 and 3 by Dani Reyes Mozeson; photo 4 by City-as-School intern Robert Verdejo; photo 5 by City-as-School intern Tyler Dean Flores and final photo by Lois Stavsky.


The legendary Bronx-based graffiti artist John Matos aka Crash has been busy these days — with work on the streets, on exhibit and on Ferrari cars.  Here’s a sampling:

At work on the Lower East Side last month for the Lisa Project

"John Matos aka Crash"

Recently-completed mural up in the Bronx for TAG Public Arts Project

"John Matos aka Crash"

At opening of Broken English at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery


With spray paint on canvas in Broken English at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery, Wrapped in My Own Existence

"John Matos aka Crash"

On exhibit in City as Canvas at the Museum of the City of New York, acrylic on canvas, 1986

"John Matos aka Crash"

For the Crash Ferrari Art Project, a collaborative venture with Joe “MAC” of Martino Auto Concepts and the Dorian Grey Gallery, on exhibit beginning today, July 24, through July 28 at Art Southampton

"John Matos aka Crash"



Photos: 1, 3 and 5 by Dani Reyes Mozeson; photo 2 by Lois Stavsky; photo 4 courtesy of the artist and photos 6-8, courtesy Bettina Cataldi

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Teeming with infectious energy, Dorian Grey’s current exhibit, 12 Mexican Street Artists, richly reflects the inventive aesthetic of Mexico City’s street art.  Here are just a few images from this landmark exhibit curated by Luis Accorsi:

Seher, close-up


Meiz — known for both his hyperrealism and wild style productions






Smithe, close-up


From the Outside Looking In

"Dorian Grey Gallery"

Also on exhibit are splendidly imaginative works by Bebo, Dhear, Fusca, MilAmores, MinozSaner and Undo, along with images by noted photographer Christophe von Hohenberg.  12 Mexican Street Artists continues through June 15 at Dorian Grey, 437 East 9th Street between 1st Ave and Ave A.

Photos by Dani Reyes Mozeson and Lois Stavsky


Blurring the lines among abstract graffiti, pop art and fine art, Dorian Grey’s current exhibit, Flow, features the works of the legendary Bronx-based artist John Matos aka Crash and UK’s Remi Rough. Some of the works were painted individually; others were fashioned collaboratively. All are distinctly stylish. Here’s a sampling:

Remi Rough and Crash, Make her blue eyes blue

"Remi Rough and Crash"

Remi Rough, Never yours completely

"Remi Rough"

Crash, Fantastic


Remi Rough and Crash, Letter R reconstructed

"Remi Rough and Crash"

Remi Rough and Crash, Eye 03

"Remi Rough and Crash"

Remi Rough and Crash, Letter C reconstructed

"Remi Rough and Crash"

Flow continues through February 23, 2014 at Dorian Grey, 437 East 9th Street and Avenue A.


Photo of Make her blue eyes blue by Lois Stavsky; all others photos of artworks by Dani Reyes Mozeson 



Opening tomorrow evening — Tuessday, November 26 — at the Dorian Grey Gallery in the East Village, Fine Flavas is an ode to the creative energy of the streets. Featuring an eclectic mix of artwork by SinXeroAndrés Correa, Will Power and Kool Kito, the exhibit continues through November 30. Here are a few more images:

Toronto-based Andrés Correa

Andres Correa

The legendary Kool Kito, Ex-Vandals

Kool Kito

Jersey City native Will Power

Will Power

Dorian Grey Gallery — one of our favorite spaces for street art, graffiti and a range of contemporary art — is located at  437 East 9th Street between 1st Ave and Ave A.

fine flavas

First image is a collabo by SinXero with a vintage 80’s photo of Crazy Legs captured by the legendary Henry Chalfant. All others as identified; photos of artworks by Lois Stavsky