Faces in Detroit Public Spaces: Dasic Fernandez, Rone, Askew One, Beau Stanton, Hueman and Lauren YS

May 19, 2017


A diverse range of faces by artists from across the globe have been greeting us in Detroit public spaces, particularly in Eastern Market. Pictured above is by Chilean artist Dasic Fernandez in Mexicantown. What follows are several more than we came upon this week:

Also by Dasic in Mexicantown


Australian artist Rone for Murals in the Market


New Zealand-based artist Askew One for Murals in the Market


NYC-based Beau Stanton for Murals in the Market


West Coast-based Hueman for Murals in the Market


Bay Area artist Lauren YS for Murals in the Market


Photo credits: 1-3 & 7 Lois Stavsky; 4-6 Tara Murray

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